What We Fund

Our mission is to promote racial equity, economic opportunity and democratic participation among low-income people of color through advocacy and civic engagement. We want to make sure the electorate looks like America, and that our democracy is representative of all the people. Our goal is to see more people voting – particularly low-income people of color.

Our goals over the next five years are to:

Reform criminal justice policies to reduce disparate and discriminatory impacts on low-income communities and people of color

  1. Improve economic opportunity and security for people of all ages through increased access to affordable health care, strong social insurance and safety net programs, and increased wages and other benefits for working families.
  2. Foster full engagement in the political process among communities of color and those disadvantaged by low income, ethnicity, or age
  3. Increase the availability and efficient use of philanthropic resources available for advocacy on issues central to the mission of this fund

In advancing these objectives, we support the following types of programs and projects:

  1. Non-partisan and issue focused campaigns that address structural issues through policy change
  2. Public policy advocacy that addresses racial equity, economic opportunity and/or civic engagement and that advance the interests of low income people of color
  3. Campaigns that engage low income communities and communities of color
  4. Advocacy that is appropriate for a 501(c)4 organization and that cannot be advanced by other types of funding
  5. Opportunities for inviting other funders to contribute 501(c)4 funds and that improve the efficient use of various types of funding for advocacy purposes

We do not support projects and programs that are:

  1. Overtly partisan
  2. Principally involve institutional or core support for organizations
  3. Pursue issues that fall outside the scope of the our priority objectives
  4. Unlikely to culminate in success by 2020